Trancendance Episode July 31, 2016

Post Pride Parade Breaks Mix

10:00pm - 11:52pm

I was pretty wiped after both Fireworks and Pride Parade right before, but as soon as the music was turned up things seemed to start flowing together. Been on a pretty huge breaks kick lately!

Track Listing:

djsm · n/a
We Run This (djsm Live Edit)
DJ Fixx · n/a
Drop the Bomb
DJ Fixx · n/a
Put the New Needle (Colombo Remix)
Aggresivnes · n/a
Shade K · n/a
Mutantbreakz · n/a
Three Tattoos
Shade K · n/a
Lee Coombs · n/a
Goofy Guy
Shade K · n/a
Operation Chariot (Future Funk Squad Remix)
Mechanical Pressure · Skylon - EP
Hit You Wit It (KMFX Remix)
Curtis B & Agent K · n/a
Exit 9 (Kingsize Remix)
Aurora vs. Michael Meacham · Caffeine Classic Series: Exit 9 - Single
Rat Race (djsm Live Edit)
Future Funk Squad, Mojo, Kid Digital · n/a
Space Ocean (Bobalino Remix)
Andrew Philippov · n/a
With Da Pitch Up (Quadrat Beat Remix)
Alex Clubbers & Neoh · n/a
Hit It
Aggresivnes · n/a
Great Business (Kid Digital Remix)
Winter Face · n/a
Puncture Wound (djsm Doubles Mix)
DaVIP, Imetic, Winter Face · n/a
Limitless (Shade K Remix)
Aggresivnes · n/a
For an Angel
Cut & Run · n/a
Under This · n/a
The Bomb Squad · n/a
Cortex (Monk3yLogic Remix)
Bad Tango · n/a
Colombo · n/a
Insanity (Xtreme Project Remix)
Dj Randy · n/a
Back To the Old School
kuplay · n/a
Colombo · n/a
Connect (Dr. Fish Remix)
Home Alone, Ap3x · n/a