Trancendance Episode September 27, 2015

Retro Goa Trance with Guest DJ Solitare

9:57pm - 12:15am

DJ Solitare recently played at the ZNA Gathering in Portugal, a festival dedicated to older and retro Goa trance. Trying to keep pace, dj Smiley Mike pulled out a few of the old school goa trance tracks in his library.

Track Listing:

smiley mike · n/a
All the Naked People (Man with no Name Remix)
Overlords · n/a
Alien Airport
The Infinity Project · n/a
Anaconda's Dance
Opale · n/a
Snakey Shaker
Hallucinogen · n/a
Warp Phaze
Parasonix · n/a
Tiny Little Engines
The Visitors · n/a
Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies
Shakta · n/a
Man With No Name · n/a
Ancient Lands
Sheyba · n/a
Cydonia · n/a
The Key
Indoor · n/a
Heliotropic Twist
Ayahuasca · n/a
Man With No Name · n/a
The Infinity Project · n/a
Mars Needs Women
Doof · n/a
Double Dragons
Doof · n/a
Next Stop Oblivion
Z To A · n/a
The Magician
Adrenalin Drum · n/a
Moonraker (Man With No Name Remix)
Disco Volante · n/a