Trancendance Episode August 16, 2015

Epic & Deep Trance with dj Smiley Mike and Caddyshack (16-Aug-2015)

10:00pm - 12:00am

forgot to save our play sheet. we played our ads but not sure if they were these ones.

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Kode Six · na
Dark Matter
Standerwick · na
Dark Air · na
Take This Acid
Lostly · na
Witch Hunt (djsm Live edit)
Indecent Noise · na
Just Let Me Be (djsm Live edit)
James Dymond · na
Shine on the Dark Side of the Moon (Neptune Project Remix)
Pink Floyd · na
Liam Wilson · na
Step Beyond (Chris Oblivion Remix)
Chris Oblivion & Astro-D · na
Stuart Millar · na
Two Full Moons & A Trout (Remastered Tektonik Remix)
uni on Jack · na