Trancendance Episode April 26, 2015

Trancendance on 26-Apr-2015

10:00pm - 12:00am

DJ Solitare guestmix/interviewPsynethis draft set

Track Listing:

smiley mike · n/a
Stimuli (Astral Projection Remix)
Infinity Project · n/a
Trans Siberian (Cyclon Remix)
Juno Reactor · n/a
Warriors Come out to Play
Johan Bley · n/a
Rising Thunder
Masa · n/a
Alien Pets (Imba Remix)
Prana · n/a
Destination Bom (Alternate Mix)
Doof · n/a
Light In The Dark (djsm Bootleg)
Sinerider, Eeon · n/a
Deranged Labyrinths Of DNA
Disorder · n/a
Chromatic Space
Psibindi & Mechanimal · n/a
My Reaction
Outsiders & M-Theory · n/a
Gnarly (Sequence Remix)
Johann Stone · n/a
Samples of Silk
James Dymond · n/a
Future Lines
Cosmotech · n/a
Materia, Brainiac, Mindfold · n/a
Growing Damage
Disorder · n/a
Tanuja Dancing
Point & Orpheus · n/a
Fair & Square
Outsiders · n/a
Magic Mirror
Altruism · n/a
Define Sine
Static Flow · n/a
Gundam Razor
Namarrkon · n/a
Outsiders · n/a
Silica Pathways
Sinerider · n/a
Parallel Universe
Electric Universe · n/a
Mathemagical (Brainiac Remix)
Earthling · n/a