Trancendance Episode November 9, 2014

Trancendance on 09-Nov-2014

10:00pm - 12:00am

Classic Hard Dance feature (light on Can con and Playlist)

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Stalker (Hoodlums All Freaked Out Remix)
Jon Bishop · Tidy Platinum
James Lawson · Frantic Residents 01 (Mixed by Phil Reynolds)
Unstuck (UK Gold's Sunday Morning Redux)
Vox & Go · Tidy Platinum
Such A Good Feelin' (Barely Legal Remix)
Miss Behavin' · Tidy Platinum
I Be Cookin (Original Mix)
Discam · Return Of The Hardbox
Real Freaks (UK Gold Remix)
Anne Savage · Tidy Platinum
Music Is The Drug (Original Mix)
Lee Haslam · Tidy Platinum
Only Me (Stimulant DJs Remix)
Hyperlogic · Tidy Platinum
Never End (Derler Klitzing Mix)
Yoji Biomehanika · na
Rushin' (Original Mix)
Technikal & Guyver · Rushin' - Single
Insane (KY Jelly Babies Remix)
BK · Hard Dance Classics Volume 1
Say Yeah (Original Mix)
Bulletproof · Tidy Platinum
Whizz Bang (Original Mix)
OD404 · Return Of The Hardbox
Out Of Control (Dyson & Hilz Remix)
Andy Farley · Return Of The Hardbox
Man On The Moon (Original Mix)
Guyver · Hard Dance Classics Volume 2
Move Your Body (Original Mix)
Vinylgroover, The Red Hed · Return Of The Hardbox
Execute (Original Mix)
Greg Brookman, Kevin Energy · Hard Dance Classics Volume 2
Imagination (2009 Remix)
Andy Whitby · Hard Dance Classics Volume 2
Costa Pantazis & Guyver · Providence - Single
Keep Rockin' (Original Rave Mix)
Joe Masini · Return Of The Hardbox
Vanilla Coke (Original Mix)
Jody 6 · Return Of The Hardbox
Serious Sounds (Original Mix)
Guyver · Tidy Platinum
Manta 2 (Alien Trax Remix)
Captain Tinrib · Return Of The Hardbox
Power (Original Mix)
Jay Lowe, Matt Clarkson · Return Of The Hardbox
Kick It In (Original Mix)
Paul King · Return Of The Hardbox
Punk (Justin Bourne & Dynamic Intervention Remix)
Energy UK Dj's · Return Of The Hardbox
Recoil (Paul Glazby Done & Dusted Remix)
F1 · Return Of The Hardbox
Mad House! (Original Mix)
Adam M, Tenchy · Return Of The Hardbox
WEMF 2000
OS2 · na