Too Dreamy Episode July 5, 2019

Happy Record Release, Necking! And the 2nd Annual Khatsalano Music Festival Special

1:00pm - 2:00pm


Track Listing:

Big Mouth
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
Beyond Love and Beneath Me
Devours · Iconoclast
Kylie V · Lotus Eater
I Am More Directed
Douse · The Light in You Has Left
Spare Me
Necking · Cut Your Teeth
BB · X
Jody Glenham · For Frances
Alone At The Party
Babe Corner · Demo
Messed It Up
Alexandria Mailliot · Single
Breaking The Spell
Cherrie Laurel · A Furnace, A Fire
Hey Ocean! · The Hurt of Happiness
Still Exist
Necking · Cut Your Teeth