Too Dreamy Episode September 21, 2018

With guest co-host Hannah!!

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Happy birthday, Bilinda Butcher <3

Track Listing:

You Made Me Realize
My Bloody Valentine · You Made Me Realize
Feed Me With Your Kiss
My Bloody Valentine · Isn't Anything
When You Sleep
My Bloody Valentine · Loveless
Cat Power · Wanderer
Easy Tears
Hazy · 4 Letter Word
Japanese Breakfast · Soft Songs from Another Planet
Hana Vu
Crying on the Subway · How Many Times Have You Driven By
Fizzy Milk
Make Me Feel · Make Me Feel
Real Estate
Had to Hear · Atlas
Make it Out
Alexandria Maillot · Benevolence
New Years 2009
future star · New Years 2009
Hello Everyone
Adrian Teacher and The Subs · Anxious Love
When You Sleep
My Bloody Valentine · Loveless