This Is Not Fine Episode December 13, 2021

Ep 2 - It's okay not to be okay

4:01pm - 4:52pm

This episode is about toxic positivity culture and why it needs to go. Tune in to hear me drag white soccer moms' live, laugh, love mantra and influencers who swear by #positivevibesonly. The article I mentioned is from The Atlantic called "The Opposite of Toxic Positivity"

Track Listing:

Gentrifried Chicken
The Muslims · Gentrifried Chicken
Chaise Lounge
Wet Leg · Chaise Lounge
Big Wheel
Samia · Big Wheel
Baby, i’m jealous
Bebe Rexha, Doja Cat · Single
Fake Great Britain
pink suits · Fake Great Britain
Honey Lungs
Said the Whale · Dandelion
See You Thru
July Talk · Pray For It
Burning Pile
Mother Mother · O My Heart
rent free
Ivytide · softy
i’m gonna tell my therapist on you
Pinkshift · i’m gonna tell my therapist on you
No Surprises
Radiohead · Ok Computer