Third Time's The Charm Episode April 26, 2011

April 26 2011

9:30am - 11:30am

whoa nelly! new jams from Shannon & The Clams, Jonny, C'mon and more-RIP Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex

Track Listing:

i am a cliche
x-ray spex · s/t
virtual boyfriend
poly styrene · generation indigo
I Heard You Say
Vivian Girls · Share The Joy
baby don't do it
shannon and the clams · sleep talk
my time's up
raveonettes · raven in the grave
mystic eyes · our time to leave
jonny · s/t
behind the wall of sleep
smithereens · especially for you
no force
red planet · we know how it goes
try as i might
mark and the spies · s/t
mind eraser
insomniacs · just enjoy it!
don't care
the last · confession
not for long
steve adamyk band · s/t
brittany lane don't care
meeting of important people · s/t
drop it
needles//pins · s/t
Shit City
Timecopz · split w/Fist City
hurtin' mentality
no problem · s/t
pay for my sins
beladeans · s/t
i wanna dance
eve hell & the razors · when the lights go out
disappointment blues
hellacopters · disappointment blues
she belongs to jesus
turpentines · american music for american peoiple
midnite is the answer
c'mon · beyond the pale horse
burning love · songs for burning lovers
velvet itch
bass drum of death · gb city