Third Time's The Charm Episode March 15, 2011

March 15 2011

9:30am - 11:30am

a preview of the upcoming comp from Mammoth Cave, some holdovers from our Int'l Women's Day show and more today-dig in!

Track Listing:

von ferno
fireballs of freedom · viva el gato EP
james brownstarr
let's break up the band
dizzy eyes · s/t EP
don't tred on me
frankie rose & the outs · s/t
never come around
la sera · s/t
black hearts
chains of love · s/t demo
daddy's gone mad
legal weapon · v/a-hell comes to your house
runnin' kind
screamin' sirens · v/a-hell comes to your house II
across the country
miesha & the spanks · gods of love
love and a 45
eve hell & the razors · when the lights go out
wrong feels right
dum dum girls · he gets me high
let's go to the beach
white wires · II
do the eggroll
peach kelli pop · s/t
party tonight
junior varsity · v/a-girl crazy!
shape of things to come
house party
juvenile hall · s/t
panic attack
off! · four eps
Deny Everything
Circle Jerks · Group Sex
cover band
red cross · s/t
Heart Full Of Black
Burning Brides · Leave No Ashes
white belt
rocket from the crypt · group sounds
davila 666 · tan bajo
cosmic car
dirtbombs · party store
like like like like like like like
intelligence · males
tea swamp park
nu sensae · v/a-bloodstains across british columbia
sun yet sun
role mach
deadbeat sun
white lung
it rains
dead city
manic attracts
get to the point
indian wars
funny girl
ugly beats · motor!