Third Time's The Charm Episode March 1, 2011

March 1 2011

9:30am - 11:30am

pretty exciting news on the show today, plus a new jam from Obits and heaps more!

Track Listing:

the man and the wooden god
untold fables · the man and the wooden god EP
when the night falls
you gotta lose
obits · moody, standard and poor
wipers · is this real/alien boy
feel the pain
bureaucrats · s/t
do the skin crawl
knockout pills · 1+1=ate
things i need to know
ugly things · motor!
outta here
satelliters · outta here!
gimme your love
mark & the spies · gimme a look
nothing left behind
chains · on top of things
lies lies lies
chains of love · s/t
visions of you
modern superstitions · all hte things we've been told
melvin davis · detroit soul ambassador
uncle willie's got a thing going on
willie dixon · v/a-r&b hipshakers
White Lung · It's The Evil
burnt CDs
b-lines · burnt CDs EP
social reatard
busy man
new lies
nu sensae · tv, death and the devil
total drift
drop dead girl
jolts · haute voltage
kawasaki 750 rock and roll
guitar wolf · planet of the wolves
wake up and lose
humpers · live forever or die trying
rock city u.s.a.
devil dogs · we three kings
high school
battlesnakes · on fire '99
city of people
brimstones · s/t
one, two, three, me
mondo topless · go fast!
you got the love
cynics · rock and roll
rip offs · got a record
east van girls
shimmering stars · s/t EP