Third Time's The Charm Episode January 18, 2011

January 18 2011

9:30am - 11:30am

email for your chance to win tix to their show May 8 @ The Commodore. riddle me this: what other band has Kills singer also done time in lately? if you know the answer you win!

also check out Needles/Pins 7: release party Sat. Jan 22 @ The Astoria!!

Track Listing:

man of steel
jay reatard · watch me fall
i am a girlfriend
nobunny · raw romance
it'll all come back to haunt you
east van girls
shimmering stars · s/t EP
little brown haired girls
frankie rose & the outs · s/t
tennis · cape dory
northern front
sharp ends · s/t
throwaways · va/-bloodstains across alberta
iggy pup
fist city · split w/timecopz
Never Really Tried
Defektors · Bottom Of The City
don't like anything
stay away
lyres · s/t
mental holiday
insomniacs · just enjoy it!
please don't go
ugly beats · motor!
outta control
timecopz · s/t
manic attracts · s/t
logical doctor
estrogen highs · s/t
twin crystals · split w/shearing pinx
off my mind
bummer high · s/t
killer surf
beach demon · s/t demo
bc budz
yung mums · s/t demo
thru with u
drop it
needles//pins · s/t
kalifornia korner
last day of magic
kills · midnight boom
smith westerns · dye it blonde