Third Time's The Charm Episode November 30, 2010

November 30 2010

9:30am - 11:30am

interviews with Bob & Janelle and Michael on today's show!! enjoy!

Track Listing:

be true to your school ('til you get kicked out)
white wires · WWII
nobody makes my girl cry but me
personal & the pizzas · raw pie
ain't worth walking away
bare wires · cheap perfume
self destruction
modern action · molotov solution
nowhere outside
fear of lipstick · s/t
can't go back
richard catwrangluer · v/a-mongrel zine comp vol.9
called to the throne
call me lightning · when i am gone my blood
quintron · s/t
cake on my pants baby
gary pig gold · v/a-mongrel zine comp vol.9
through with you
yung mums
you were the one
manic attracts · s/t
babes on the beach · v-a mongrel zine comp vol.9
eighties outfit
cherie french · v/a-mongrel zine vol.9
first time's a bitch
red mass
your love
give it up
lee dorsey · v/a-saturday night fish fry
anna (arthur alexander cover)
michael rault · live in studio
you can leave if you want to
the things you said
michael rault · ma-me-o
it'll hurt you too
i think i've had it
subatomics · live at the sidetrack
i don't need no help gettin' down
michael rault · ma-me-o