Third Time's The Charm Episode September 21, 2010

September 21 2010

9:30am - 11:30am

aah yes...that's much better than last week now isn't it? new psychedelia, cool new local jams, a look at the Edmonton scene and a long lost artifact from the fist wave of Ireland punk circa '77-it's all here!

Track Listing:

bad vibrations
black angels · phosphene dream
sleep forever
crocodiles · sleep forever
it's just like surgery
warlocks · surgery
when jokers attack
brian jonestown massacre · tepid peppermint wonderland
beast with two backs
seven story redhead · shake it out EP
Luna Riot · night steals the light
Open Eyes
Sleepy Sun · Fever
tame impala · innerspeaker
eastern skin
green hour band · coming of clockwise
sailor itch
intelligence · males
down the tube
cheap time
mona's lunch
demon's claws · the defrosting of mickey mouse
keep walking
parting gifts · s/t
let it be me
shimmering stars · s/t
sun's going down
got it wrong
babes on the beach
viva la rat
white lung · it's the evil
total drift
nu sensae · tv, death and the devil
high on drugs
juvenile hall · s/t
granny smiths · s/t
8 feet high
indian wars · s/t
gimme reasons
no problem · your eyes EP
let's dance · s/t
falklands · think about it
teen commandments
old wives · see you in hell
i stay awake
i'll never stop
protex · strange obsessions
big time
rudi · s/t
teenage kicks
Undertones · s/t
any danger love
cute lepers · s/t