Third Time's The Charm Episode August 31, 2010

August 31 2010

9:30am - 11:30am

ugly outside but rockin' inside-the show was full of good tunes...take a listen!

Track Listing:

this life of mine
cheater slicks · destination lonely
malibus · v/a-back from the grave vol.1
to find out
keggs · back from the grave vol.5
beat happening · jamboree
bloody soul
beguiled · blue dirge
pussy galore · sampler
you make it move
gories · i know you fine, but how you doin'?
los hories · v/a-off the hip sampler
right, yeah!
thee wylde oscars
george allen
pink fits
pizza army
personal & the pizzas · raw pie
pizza regret
coconut coolouts · head full of stones EP
pizza pie
norman fox & rob roys · s/t
i don't know to do
fondas ·!
don't know what to do
edsels · s/t
daddy loves baby
fondas ·!
daddy loves baby
don covay · see/saw
down in the basement
fondas ·!
down in the basement
king coleman · it's dance time!
black and blue
spits · s/t
i don't want to die
sex church · six songs by...
never really tried
defektors · the bottom of the city
no future calling
split up's · s/t EP
vapid · practically dead
twin crystals · split LP w/ modern creatures
pack ad · we kill computers
makeout videotape · heatwave EP
everyone's hip
jaill · that's how we burn