Third Time's The Charm Episode June 22, 2010

June 22 2010

9:30am - 11:30am

debuted their brand new record today-check it out!

Track Listing:

moon duo · escape
Lines Her Eyes
Dum Dum Girls · I Will Be
kurt vile · childish prodigy
ty segall · melted
howlin' for you
black keys · borthers
i saw you
frowning clouds · listen closely
look what you've done
black hollies · softly towards the light
i try to find
jaybirds · naked as the...
crystal ball
king khan & bbq show · invisible girl
misery's upon us
mark sultan · $
all my loving
almighty defenders · s/t
you better hide
ding dongs · s/t
woman cops
dizzy eyes · s/t demo
outta control
timecopz · s/t demo
raw tin arms
student teacher · s/t demo
wild failure
white lung · it's the evil
viva la rat
loose heels
black hands
young offenders · leader of the followers
start time
statues · holiday cops
don't tell mom
mothers children · that's who!
bad side of town
let us sing
battlesnakes · on fire '99
the fear of an empty drink
rocket reducers · s/t
i can see the future
hot live guys · external culture for internal barbarians
take a trip
johnny vick & the victors · v/a-buttshakers vol.4
a dance called the motion
marvelle & the blue mats
funky message
heroes · v/a-soweto vol.2