Third Time's The Charm Episode March 9, 2010

March 9 2010

9:30am - 11:30am

what's good, people? i tell you-this show!

Track Listing:

who will save rock and roll?
dictators · s/t
blood and arrow
golden triangle · s/t
lovin' you
frowning clouds · s/t
i made you a clown
subsonics · everything is falling apart
that time of day
eddy current suppression ring · rush to relax
still in love with you baby
beau brummels · s/t
call me
reigning sound · love and curses
hiding from you
sonic avenues · s/t
blind muslim girl
fergus & geronimo · s/t
nobody but him
husbands · introducing the sounds of...
you can come over
shannon & the clams · i wanna go home
nobody's fool
no no no hopes · v/a-casual victim pile
keep it slow
orpheans · s/t
leaving/dryer fire
b-lines · burnt CD's EP
nu sensae · three dreams EP
overnight lows · city of rotten eyes
big man small house
young offenders · s/t
broken parts
statues · holiday cops
the waiting
vicious cycle · pale blue dot
i was denied
oh sees · the master's bedroom is worth spending time in
dead end
sex church · s/t
don't blow your mind
spiders · v/a-back rom the grave 7
girl on the brain
ugly beats · bring on the beats
get out
forty fives · get it together
(shake your) death rattle
manipulators · ease up on the breakdowns
le sabre radar
hentchmen · s/t
pack ad · we kill computers