Third Time's The Charm Episode February 9, 2010

February 9 2010

9:30am - 11:30am

songs about TV today. listen carefully!

Track Listing:

form a straight line
sugar shack · spinning wheels
jenny take a ride
mitch ryder & his detroit wheels · s/t
almost there
turtles · s/t
it's all over me
otis blackwell · s/t
i'm gonna be a rich man
foundations · s/t
leave me alone
bloodshot bill · git high tonite!
gee i really love you
heavy trash · midnight soul serenade
turbo fruits · echo kid
scrambled eggs
pointed sticks · three lefts make a right
lover! · i'm not a gnome EP
girls with pearls
sonic avenues · s/t
bob forrest song
cute lepers · smart accessories
lake monona
manipulators · ease up on the breakdowns
michael rault · crash! boom! bang!
ellison's tomb
orpheans · s/t
vapid · practically dead
wild eyes
vivian girls · s/t
before i start to cry
everything's gone wrong
televison addict
victims · s/t
idiot box
damned · music for pleasure
tv's on the blink
action · complete punk recordings
t.v. party
black flag · damaged
aloha steve and danno
radio birdman · the essential radio birdman
tv casualty
misfits · legacy of brutality
tv set
cramps · bad people for bad people
child star
diodes · tired of waking up tired
celebrity crack up
modernettes · get it straight
buried alive
pierced arrows · descending shadows