Third Time's The Charm Episode August 11, 2009

August 11 2009

9:30am - 11:30am

bad news travels fast with some of our favourite local acts falling victim to losing members and gear! but we did provide good times with new tracks from Jay Reatard, The Vivian Girls, The Fucking Eagles and more!

Track Listing:

we better get ready
pack · s/t
heart of gold
boats! · summer vacation EP
don't know, don't care
nobunny · love visions
ty segall · lemons
ex humans · s/t
Static Void
Deep Sleep · Three Things At Once
dryer fire
b-lines · burnt CDs EP
sub-linguals · s/t
i wanna kill
crocodiles · summer of hate
the end
vivian girls · everything goes wrong
paper tiger
pretty vanilla · 7 inches deep EP
white lung · s/t EP
twin crystals · s/t
dead ghosts · s/t
teenage teenage
manic attracts · s/t
if you want me
indian wars · s/t
no good man
spitfires · aim low
the queen's english
budokan · s/t
jay reatard · watch me fall
help me find myself
wau y los arrrghs!!! · viven!!
mindless squares
vicars · back on the streets
in your street today
stalkers · s/t
take a little bit
king khan & the shrines · what is?
midnight sour
fucking eagles · midnight sour
(its gonna be) alright
thee manipulators · s/t
on our way
pierced arrows · s/t EP