Third Time's The Charm Episode February 10, 2009

February 10 2009

9:30am - 11:30am

a tribute to the seminal psychobilly band today as well as a preview of the Murder City Devils return to Van City this Friday the 13th!

Track Listing:

she's no good
international hip swing
don't do it
ty segall
making gestures
pack A.D. · funeral mixtape
run to my door
speaking tongues · wild sound
boom swagger boom
murder city devils · s/t
dancin' shoes
empty bottles, broken hearts
in name and blood
that's what you get
tv set
cramps · songs the lord taught us
rock on the moon
rock on the moon
jimmy stewart · v/a-born bad
rockin' bones
cramps · psychadelic jungle
rockin' bones
ronnie dawson · v/a-born bad
surfin' dead
cramps · smell of female
can your pussy do the dog?
a date with elvis
i can't hardly stand it
bad music for bad people
i can't hardly stand it
charlie feathers · v/a-born bad vol.2
bikin girls with machine guns
cramps · stay sick!
eyeball in my martini
look mom, no head!
naked girl falling down the stairs
cramp stomp
big beat from badsville
congratulations, i'm sorry
king khan · s/t