Third Time's The Charm Episode December 9, 2008

December 9 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

the likes of The Hall Monitors, Paul Collins Beat and Margaret Thrasher were played today along with the usual assortment of rock and/or roll. yep, that's it.

Track Listing:

lost my head
points · s/t
peacock's eye
modey lemon · season of sweetness
that's inside of me
eddie current suppression ring · primary colours
perspex icon
wire · object 47
hall monitors · s/t EP
girl ( i don't like you)
bug nasties · which way you gonna go?
out of town
top drawers · s/t
party over here
weirdies · in 3-D!
ne'er do well
lords of altamont · the altamont sin
she loves
mojomatics · don't pretend that you know me
zip guns · s/t EP
comin' down again
greatest hits · split w/ tough shits
love you so
pretty vanilla · xox
arms to hold you
parallels · s/t
the world hates me
impulse int'l · s/t
speedies · speedy delivery
hey DJ
paul collins beat · ribbon of gold
sir finks · (tres mexicanos)del sur de texas
phantom surfers · v/a-ultra punch deluxe
custom shop
satan's pilgrims
white out in wyoming
huevos rancheros · split w/ man...or astro-man?
dumb til i die
margaret thrasher · moderate rock
be my babysitter
brutal knights · living by yourself
enemy mind
bronx · III
Magic Word
Fucked Up · The Chemistry Of Common Life