Third Time's The Charm Episode September 30, 2008

September 30 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

we play Signals Calls & Marches to celebrate their show tonight @ The Plaza Club. some other stuff too. Our heartfelt sympathies to The Hotel Lobbyists. the end.

Track Listing:

for the love of ivy
gun club · fire of love
clean my sins
mojomatics · don't pretend that you know me
we'll be turned on
eddy current suppression ring · primary colours
pay up
ettes · look at life again soon
i can't stay
vivian girls · s/t
tiger stomp
mach kung fu · exotic exhaust
four on the floor
super stocks · v/a-shut down
speed queen
untamed youth · more gone gassers!
mag rims
neanderthals · shutdown 2002 B.C.
mockers · v/a-sleazy surf vol.2
lyndells · v/a-drink beer, yell, dance!
that's when i reach for my revolver
mission of burma · signals, calls and marches
fame and fortune
this is not a photograph
all world cowboy romance
lowest dive
monotonix · body language
Dead End Street
Wednesday Night Heroes · Guilty Pleasures
sticky situation
danko jones · sleep is the enemy
your broken heart
stolen minks · high kicks
the swords, the streets
marvelous darlings · s/t
(i wanna play) defender
weirdies · in 3-D!
line red
hotel lobbyists · s/t