Third Time's The Charm Episode August 12, 2008

August 12 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

a partial funeral mixtape for those inpsired by The Pack A.D.'s new album, also Miss Chain & The Broken Heels and bunch of other goods!

Track Listing:

cold war
spectres · s/t
test driver
bunnys · v/a-ultra punch deluxe
whiteout in wyoming
huevos rancheros · split w/ man...or astro-man?
twist off
von zippers · s/t
the mess you're in
dream dates · s/t
why am i so flipped?
nervebreakers · hijack the radio!
eva braun
clorox girls · s/t
something about you
pinkz · s/t
boys & girls
miss chain & the broken heels · s/t
sold! you're mine
michael rault & the mixed signals · s/t
mummies · shitsville EP
i'm talking about you
chuck berry · golden deacde vol.2
brand new lover
green hour band · s/t
busy man
b-lines · s/t demo
burning light
defektors · v/a-emergency room comp
i don't understand
dead ghosts · s/t
arms to hold you
parallels · s/t
gonna be alright
manipulators · s/t demo
sally, your parents aren't home
rich hope & his evil doers · s/t
pack A.D. · funeral mixtape
don't have to
found another boy
pointed sticks · s/t
bob log III · trike
what a way to die
pleasure seekers · v/a-what a way to die
i like to die
drags · s/t
a better way down
makers · rock star god
i want to die
deadly snakes · ode to joy
funeral pyre
jam · snap!
there but for the grace of god go i
gories · outta here!