Third Time's The Charm Episode August 5, 2008

August 5 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

send me your songs to for a chance to win tix to the Pack AD show Saturday Aug. 16 and we'll play 'em too!

oh yeah, new stuff this week from Twin Crystals, White Lung, The Defektors and more!

Stooges gear stolen! nail those jerks!

Track Listing:

the hard sell (mercy mercy)
total sound group direction action committee · the party platform-our schedule is change
the bear comes back down the mountain
modey lemon · season of sweets
science killer
black angels · directions to see a ghost
get me howlin'
faceless werewolves · pardon me, are those your claws on my back?
i hear the sirens
dirtbombs · we have you surrounded
please leave a message
maharajas · unrelated segments
love me nots · black and white
help me
bug nasties · which way you gonna go?
white lung · s/t
tristess · hog & lag blues
how long will it take
kidnappers · neon signs
love or money
pointed sticks · waiting for the real thing
hang around
trap doors · s/t
keep the boots on
thee manipulators · s/t
jealous mind
pure country gold · s/t
he won't love you like i'll leave you
fucking eagles · a million dollars worth of music
holy ghost
dead ghosts · s/t
i am just a ghost
dutchess & the duke · she's the dutchess, he's the duke
making gestures
pack A.D. · funeral mixtape
scene report
night marchers · see you in magic
puget sound
secret fires · i only want what i can't see
digital leather · sorceror
two girls
twin crystals · two girls EP
torn to pieces
defektors · s/t
t.v. eye
stooges · funhouse