Third Time's The Charm Episode April 29, 2008

April 29 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

ok ok here we stuff from The Green Hour Band & Avenue Rose, more Ditrbombs trivia action and a small feature on The Ponderosa Stomp! yeehaa!

Track Listing:

gore gore girls · get the gore
not of this earth
coyote men · vs. el mundo!
on the move
dave clark five · s/t
finks · meltdown EP
burn your dead
los cremators · s/t
andromeda stomp
curse of horseflesh · s/t
what's yours is mine
king khan & bbq show · teabag party EP
i'm done
okmoniks · party fever!!
to let you know
wiretaps · recording
no flowers
chelsea · s/t
picture my face
teenage head · w/marky ramone
avenue rose · electric EP
my thoughts in mind
green hour band · s/t
brand new wave
spitfires · s/t
let's get undressed
danko jones · never too loud
'til now
zip guns · s/t
x-ray eyes
fiends · gravedigger
hard water
laundronauts · s/t
hornet's nest
deadcats · feline 500
you can call me job
'68 comeback · s/t
shambles · s/t
invisible man
sit 'n' spin · s/t
statics · hey hey EP
night of the squares
squares · get hip EP
pass the hatchet
roger & the gypsies · v/a-saturday night fish fry
mean man
betty harris
the hatchet man
deke dickerson & his eccophonics · more million sellers
don't shake me lucifer
roky erickson · you're gonna miss me-the best of