Third Time's The Charm Episode April 1, 2008

April 1 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

we feature the Akron duo today on the heels of their sold-out show, as well new hits from Be Your Own Pet, The Black & Whites and The Faceless Werewolves! ROAR!

Track Listing:

pysch ward
urges · pysch ward
the kelli affair
be your own pet · get awkward
couldn't believe it blues
faceless werewolves · pardone me, are those your claws
never grew up
fleshtones · take a good look!
getting down
kills · midnight boom
taca 69
black & whites · s/t
pretty princess day
dirtbombs · we have you surrounded
coconut coolouts · party time machine
paradise city
ape-shits · la pollution culturelle
carbonas · s/t
brutal knights · living by yourself
local garbage
white lung · local garbage EP
do the earthquake
vapid · s/t
time to go
modern creatures · to a crowd EP
sweatin' my dil
spreadeagle · magnus bestia
black keys · the big come up
hard row
set you free
girl is on my mind
rubber factory
modern times
magic potion
attack & release
never gonna let you go
pebbles · s/t
woo haa
panther · broken rock 'n' roll blaster EP
speed bump
penetrators · hit the jet stream EP
she had alien written all over her
prima donnas · s/t
peeps · stiletto EP
blood visions
jay reatard · blood visions
waiting for something