Third Time's The Charm Episode February 5, 2008

February 5 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

somehow slurred my way through this trainwreck of a show-i think you heard some new Black Halos, Dirtbombs, Thee Attacks and more, but what do i know?

Track Listing:

you got your head on backwards
sonics · introducing
keep looking
artwoods · 100 oxford street
sunned things speak
pattern · s/t
marvelous darlings · s/t
stick up!
coconut coolouts · pary time machine
nastyfacts · all around the world
vapid · s/t
hello, boss!
fatal flying guilloteens · quantum fucking
visitors · v/a-messthetics #105
are you experienced?
brutal knights · living by myself
excessives · v/a-vancouver punk as fuck
please tell me baby
thee attacks · s/t EP
what the young people want
blue van · the art of rolling
what to do
dead ghosts · s/t
god only knows
down on it
spitfires · three
wind me up
hits! · hello everybody...
blue sunshine
meteors · wreckin' crew
wreckin' crew
love and war
black halos · we are not alone
mother's little helper
mad parade · s/t
This is not a photograph
Mission Of Burma · S/T
mod fun
why do you treat me so bad?
burning bush
mono men
tonya harding
coathangers · s/t
the shape i'm in
masonics · the masonic machine turns on you
ever lovin' man
dirtbombs · we have you surrounded