Third Time's The Charm Episode January 29, 2008

January 29 2008

9:30am - 11:30am

yeah ok ,so i was a half hour late AND i kept saying the wrong date for the show-so sue me...i still managed to rock your world with brand new Dirtbombs, Statues, Kills and Vapid tracks !! whatcha gonna do?

Track Listing:

california bound
untamed youth · some kinda fun
living in the city
boys · s/t
stop & think it over
sights · s/t
find & seek
prisoners · in from the cold
we got it
gene willis & the aggregation · v/a-jump, shake & vibrate
tell me
busy signals · s/t
i don;t wanna go to the party
marvelous darlings · s/t
pin point
statues · same bodies, same faces
just write, romeo
red dons · death to idealism
brutal knights · living by yourself
ladies night
do the earthquake
vapid · s/t
we are wolves · total magique
down in the tube station at midnight
jam · all mod cons
live for today
lords of the new church · s/t
rebel woman
legendary golden vampires · s/t
night of the sadist
johnny legend · s/t
i ride a tractor
legendary stardust cowboy · s/t
here we go again
laughing hyenas · s/t
wreck my flow
dirtbombs · we have you surrounded
hives · the black and white album
kills · s/t