Third Time's The Charm Episode November 13, 2007

13 November 2007

9:30am - 11:30am

what's new with you? everything good? well enjoy the show w/ Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome, The Evaporators, and a special birthday shout out for my friend Christa!

Track Listing:

prove it
cute lepers · s/t
but i do
mark & the spies · s/t
lonely side of town
ugly beats · bring on the beats!
sort it out
caesars · 39 minutes of bliss...
why can't i live forever
makers · hunger
everyday distraction
red dons · death to idealism
no time to be
adverts · singles compilation
couldn't wait to get home
stalkers · s/t
someone else's shoes
infamous scientists · v/a-all your ears can hear
when you go
riff randells · doublecross
busy signals · s/t
two hours traffic · little jabs
she fell
cynics · here we are
zip guns · s/t
hang on man
manvils · s/t EP
bringin' me down
spitfires · s/t
kissy baby
heavy trash · going way out with...
genie in the lamp
fortune & maltese · s/t
jenny walker
frigg-a-go-go · s/t
viva el gato
fireballs of freedom · s/t EP
forever young
flashback five · s/t
get out
forty fives · s/t
i want it all
c'mon · bottled lightning
dr. akward
suddent infant dance syndrome · 2 many babes
you got me int othis, now you get me out!
evaporators · gassy jack and other tales
never change
oblivians · soul food