Third Time's The Charm Episode October 9, 2007

09 October 2007

9:30am - 11:30am

a night on the town courtesy of yours truly is what we raffled off today-thanks to Steve, Carol, and Ellen for calling in! lots of Black Lips played too!!

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Track Listing:

the date's on me
trashwomen · spend the night with...
ain't coming back
black lips · s/t EP
stone cold
black lips
first date
danko jones · sleep is the enemy
black lips · s/t
black lips · s/t
crazy date
crazy teens · v/a-sin alley part one
black lips · we did not know the forest spirit...
gonna make it
black lips · split w/ the dirtbombs
do you wanna dance
ramones · ramones alive!
black lips · let it bloom
hippie hippie hooray
surfside date
triumphs · v/a-back from the grave vol.2
oh katrina
black lips · party at rob's house
black lips · los valines del mundo nuevo
it feels alright
black lips · good bad not evil
how do you tell a child...
do you wanna go out with me?
donnas · s/t
hell toupee
turbonegro · retox
do it or die
die mannequin · slaughter daughter
just my kind
midways · manners, manners
gotta move on
riff randells · double cross