Third Time's The Charm Episode September 25, 2007

25 September 2007

9:30am - 11:30am

got some stuff of my chest today about The Fucking Eagles being denied entry to Canada and waxed on a current controversy around The Black Lips...debuted Tiny Masters Of Today and Heavy Trash as well...who says rock and roll is just about the music?

Track Listing:

feel so bad
fucking eagles · a million dollars worth...
stop & think it over
compulsive gamblers · crystal gazing luck amazing
tell me why
trap doors · s/t demo
bad girl
zakary thaks · v/a-i'm a teenage caveman!
veni vidi veci
black lips · good bad not evil
i'm going home
swamp rats · disco still sucks!
they were kings
heavy trash · going way out with...
radio riot
tiny masters of today · bang bang boom cake
epsilons · killed 'em deader...
ape city r&b · s/t
santa rita high
supersuckers · evil powers of rock 'n' roll
black halos · alive without control
angel bitch
jolts · jinx EP
no one gets hurt
big bad · middle of the night
funny funiculaire
les breastfeeders · les matins de grands soirs
didjits · s/t
over the edge
dead moon · s/t
radio beat
devil dogs · s/t
i'm gone
dummies · s/t
doo rag · s/t
black lips · good bad not evil