Third Time's The Charm Episode September 11, 2007

11 Sept 2007

9:30am - 11:30am

my mouth was running away from me today...but i still managed to debut the new Black Lips, China Creeps and Static Static releases...

Track Listing:

a new low in getting high
brian jonestown massacre · ...and this is our music
coathangers · s/t
o katrina
black lips · good bad not evil
snatches of pink · love is dead
feeding tube
catholic boys · s/t
the doorbell fire
blank dogs · s/t
paper words
mutators · s/t
bishops · s/t
go go teen
shimmys · drive you wild!
it's not about what i want...
woggles · rock 'n' roll backlash
100 little women
mark sultan · the sultanic verses
dollar in my pocket
alabama chrome · s/t
'til the end of the night
boys club · s/t
don't bug me baby..
fe fi fo fums · in the summertime EP
we're all wrong
suspicions · s/t
get out of my face
master apes · s/t
black fingers
static static · s/t
hurricane lucy
fucking eagles · a million dollars worth...
keep the boots on
the manipulators · s/t
jukebox babe
countdowns · s/t
nowhere generation
cherry smash · s/t
shadowy bangers from a shadowy duplex
chixdiggit · s/t
cripples · s/t
rocket fuel
catheters · s/t
our rules
china creeps
Open Fire
Wednesday Night Heroes · Guilty Pleasures
the black hats
fucked up · year of the pig
Backseat Sweetheart
Two Hours Traffic · Little Jabs