Third Time's The Charm Episode June 5, 2007

05 June 2007

9:30am - 11:30am

a bit dodgy at first, but recovered nicely with a spotlight on The Queers, who hit Vancouver this Saturday June 9 @ The Red Room after nearly a decade since their last time here!

Track Listing:

ghoulies are go!
groovie ghoulies · world contact day
since trust went bust
safes · well well well
ponys · turn the lights out
phone book full of phonies
safes · well well well
crime waves
shearing pinx · poison hands
sheena is a parasite
horrors · strange house
channel 13 is haunted
hex dispensers · s/t
stop and think it over
fucking eagles · a million dollars worth of music
all alone
hits · hello everybody, we are...
sinking slow
beat beat beat · living in the future
we're sinking
mark sultan · the sultanic verses
it hurts to see you dance so well
pipettes · we are the pipettes
teenage bonehead
queers · love songs for the retarded
granola head
too many twinkies
beat off!
all screwed up
she's a cretin
move back home
next stop rehab
surf goddess EP
don't back down
born to do dishes
everything's ok
punk rock confidential
pretty flamingo
i don't want to live on the moon
today EP
i never got the girl
pleasant screams
monkey in a suit
munki brain
brian wilson
can't figure it out
jolts · jinx EP