Third Time's The Charm Episode May 1, 2007

01 May 2007

9:30am - 11:30am

new tracks from Brimstone Howl, Black Tie Revue, Dollhouse and many more! whoa!

Track Listing:

hijack the radio
nervebreakers · having a rave up with...
call waiting
black tie revue · code fun
red planet · we know how it goes
pop song
lashes · the stupid stupid
tell that girl to shut up
tina & the total babes · she's so tuff
he won't love you like i'll leave you
the fucking eagles · a million dollars worth of music
let me through
ugly beats · take a stand with...
hi-fives · welcome to my mind
blow the roof
flaming sideburns · save rock'n'roll
brimstone howl · guts of steel
in the summertime
fe fi fo fums · s/t EP
green light
detroit cobras · tied & true
pull wiggle & kick
exciting sparklers · v/a-show me what you got!
we got it
gene willis & the aggregation · v/a-jerk shake & vibrate!
you gotta believe me
gruesomes · cave-in!
tell me why
mooney suzuki · the maximum black EP
i can only give you everything
paper dolls · s/t demo
living tomorrow
dollhouse · the royal rendevous
tight bros from way back when · runnin' thru my bones
wild like an indian
flash express · s/t EP
more brains
brains · hell'n'back
bop 'til i sleep in my grave
cockroaches · the cockroach style
hot foot
sinsters · s/t
sunset strip
big john bates · take your medicine
put it to me straight
reverend horton heat · smoke 'em if you got 'em
staring at the wall
ladies night · s/t
small talk
ponys · turn the lights out
ripps · long live the...
your kisses are wasted on me
pipettes · we are the...