Third Time's The Charm Episode April 3, 2007

3 April 2007

9:30am - 11:30am

debuted the new Clorox Girls, Kaiser Chiefs and Queers discs along with other random rock and/or roll! enjoy!

Track Listing:

flowers of evil
clorox girls · j'aime les flles
over !over!
fall · reformation
machine gun
rich & famous · v/a-messthetics #101
action girl
teenbeats · s/t
take it or leave it
visitors · s/t
only in your mind
safes · well well well
queers · munki brain
china doll
riptides · hang out
badamps · two face EP
romeo romeo
vapids · v/a-everybody dance now
jet set
cheap time · s/t
killing time
we will vacation, you will be my parasol
be your own pet · s/t
bloody hollies · wh ot otrust who to love who to kill
all damn day long
pack · tintype
can't figure it out
jolts · jinx EP
why don't you make me
dreamdate · come over now
temporary teamwork
vancougar · losin' it!
brand new lover
yesterdais · s/t demo
don't go
parallels · 1961 McLean
greasy fingers
beladeans · s/t
no matter what you do
skip jensen · abscond
stay sad
pure country gold · s/t
sugar pie
dt's · filthy habits
it takes a mighty heart
makers · everybody rise!
amy amy
psycrons · miracle
theme from bikers from hell
gruesomes · live in hell!
jack of diamonds
johnny casino's easy action · s/t
one one zero
boonaraaas · 5 steps ahead
kaiser chiefs · yours truly, angry mob