Third Time's The Charm Episode October 31, 2006

31 Oct ober 2006

9:30am - 11:30am

our Halloween spooktacular! here's what was played:


satan's pilgrims/soul pilgrim/haunted house of rock
fallouts/v/a-the funhouse comp thing/haunted house
hoodoo gurus/stoneage romeos/dig it up
screamin' jay hawkins/split w/ esquerita/i hear voices
dead moon/echoes of the past/walkin' on my grave
mighty caesars/nothing can stop these men/the grim reaper
los straitjackets/twist party/all back to drac's
hi-risers/rockin' spree/call me the wolfman
billy lee riley/v/a-this is sun rockabilly/flying saucer rock and roll
sonics/full force!/strychnine
beguiled/blue dirge/imp of satan
bloodshot bill/v/a-zombie night in canada/monsters everywhere
frank rondell/s/t/the bat
cramps/songs the lord taught us/i was a teenage werewolf & sunglasses after dark
priscillas/s/t/all my friends are zombies
los reactors/dead in the suburbs/be a zombie
curtis & the creeps/s/t/the thing
rex garvin & the mighty cravers/v/a-come and get it!/ strange happenings
vibes/what's inside?/footsteps
flat duo jets/go go harlem baby/stalkin'
birthday party/s/t/release the bats
forbidden dimension/somebody down there likes me/crawling eye
morlochs/emerge!/in the cellar
famous monsters/in the night!/f is for fiend
neanderthals/the latest menace to the human race/2000 lb. werewolf
deadcats/feline 500/frank-n-stein shuffle
cheater slicks/s/t/possession
king khan & bbq show/what's for dinner?/zombies
young savages/s/t/the invaders are coming
screamin' lord sutch/hands of jack the ripper/same
shaggs/philosophy of the world/it's halloween

Track Listing:

haunted house of rock
satan's pilgrims · soul pilgrim
haunted house
fallouts · v/a-the funhouse comp thing
dig it up
hoodoo gurus · stoneage romeos
i hear voices
screamin' jay hawkins · split w/ esquerita
walkin' on my grave
dead moon · echoes of the past
the grim reaper
mighty caesars · nothing can stop these men
all back to drac's
los straitjackets · twist party
call me the wolfman
hi-risers · rockin' spree
flying saucer rock and roll
billy lee riley · v/a-this is sun rockabilly
sonics · full force!
imp of satan
beguiled · blue dirge
monsters everywhere
bloodshot bill · v/a-zombie night in canada
the bat
frank rondell · s/t
i was a teenage werewolf
cramps · songs the lord taught us
sunglasses after dark
all my friends are zombies
priscillas · s/t
be a zombie
los reactors · dead in the suburbs
the thing
curtis & the creeps · s/t
strange happenings
rex garvin & the mighty cravers · v/a-come and get it!
vibes · what's inside?
flat duo jets · go go harlem baby
release the bats
birthday party · s/t
crawling eye
forbidden dimension · somebody down there likes me
in the cellar
morlochs · emerge!
f is for fiend
famous monsters · in the night!
2000 lb. werewolf
neanderthals · the latest menace to the human race
frank-n-stein shuffle
deadcats · feline 500
frantics · s/t
cheater slicks · s/t