The Vampire's Ball Episode March 5, 2015

Broadcast on 05-Mar-2015

1:00am - 4:00am

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Music from cEvin Key, Download, Front Line Assembly, Jerk in the Can, NoMeansNo, maQLu, Left Spine Down, Stiff Valentine, Cobra Ramone, The Best Revenge, Slow, Legs Occult, Louise Burns, We Found a Lovebird, Devil in the Wood Shack, Sons of Daughters, Fake Shark Real Zombie, Kill Matilda, The Vampire Bats, Crystal Pistol, Danko Jones, Ruby Fang, and Prima Donna.

Track Listing:

cEvin Key · The Ghost of Each Room
Download · Sidewinder
On the Cross
Front Line Assembly · Corrosion
Fake Phoney
Jerk in the Can · Ching Ching a Ling
The Land of the Living
NoMeansNo · Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?
When You Were Younger
maQLu · Divisive
Left Spine Down · Caution
Swamp Thing
Stiff Valentine · America Bleeding
Never Survive
Cobra Ramone · Bang Bang
The Best Revenge · Lost Years
Have Not Been the Same
Slow · Have Not Been the Same
Modern Man
Legs Occult · Modern Man
The Lodger
Louise Burns · The Midnight Mass
Give Up the Ghost
We Found a Lovebird · Let's Start the War
Devil in the Wood Shack · The Horror Sessions
Black Tooth Grin
Sons of Daughters · Demos
Horses in Heaven
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Angel Lust
Kill Matilda · I Want Revenge
Vivienne Westwood
The Vampire Bats · The Cemetery EP
All THe Freaks
Crystal Pistol · Crystal Pistol
Live Forever
Danko Jones · Fire Music
Ruby Fang · Baroque
Like Hell
Prima Donna · Nine Lives and Forty-Fives
Eat Your Heart Out
Prima Donna · Nine Lives and Forty-Fives