The Vampire's Ball Episode December 10, 2014

Broadcast on 10-Dec-2014 part 1

11:00pm - 3:00am

Filling in for Hans von Kloss.

Music from ttwwrrss, Phil Western, Jerk in the Can, Kone, iVardensphere, Junksista, Ruby Fang, The Best Revenge, Pujol, Dead on TV, Circle Jerks, Unsane, Virtual Terrorist, Angelspit, The Lords of the New Church, Bauhaus, Fen, Blue Stahli, Animals as Leaders, Beautiful Creatures, Crystal Pistol, and Die Mannequin.

Track Listing:

Blood Popsicle
ttwwrrss · ttwwrrss
Behind Me Satan
Phil Western · Longform
Phil Western · n/a
I Know You Don't Know Me
Jerk in the Can · Ching Ching a Ling
No I Can't [little rabbit]
Kone · Solip Cystic Mystic
People of the Sun
iVardensphere · APOK
Strom [Metroland Remix]
Junksista · High Voltage Confessions
Mobious Crashed
Ruby Fang · Pretty Liar
The Best Revenge · Lost Years
American Scumbag
Pujol · Beaver Machine
Dead on TV · Creeper
Anxious Boy
Circle Jerks · Oddities, Abnormalities, and Curiosities
Unsane · Unsane
Siber Cex Interface [Original 2006 Version]
Virtual Terrorist · Terrorized Trax vol. 2
Cut Sick
Angelspit · The Product
The Night Is Calling
The Lords of the New Church · Is Nothing Sacred
God In An Alcove
Bauhaus · In The Flat Field
Fossil Bed
Fen · Congenital Fixation
The Destroyer of All Things
Blue Stahli · Antisleep Vol. 03
Animals As Leaders · The Joy of Motion
Kickin' for Days
Beautiful Creatures · Beautiful Creatures
Live Fast
Crystal Pistol · Crystal Pistol
Guns Not Bombs
Die Mannequin · Fino + Bleed
Rock Machine
Copyright · The Hidden World
Dead Really Is
Corvx de Timor · Blue Eyes Turn Black
Daniel Ash · Foolish Thing Desire
Kill Matilda · I Want Revenge
c0ndu1t · c0ndu1t
red ink
deerhunter · cryptograms
The Beast With 6 Fingers
Edward Ka-Spel · The Minus Touch
The Order of Death
Kooper Kain · n/a
God's Monkey
David Sylvian & Robert Fripp · The First Day
Fly On The Windscreen
Depeche Mode · Black Celebration
Grace of God
Foetus · Flow
I'd Rather Sleep
Faderhead · Empires of the Northern Lights v2.42
Love's Secret Domain [Original Mix]
Coil · Stolen and Contaminated Songs
Apocalyptica · Cult
The Distance
Conjure One · Exilarch
Seele brennt
Einstuerzende Neubauten · Halber Mensch
As the Worm Turns [Original 1985 Version]
Faith No More · We Care a Lot
Malhavoc · Get Down
No Longer Gone
Meat Puppets · Forbidden Places
Johnny Thunders · So Alone
One More Reason
L.A. Guns · L.A. Guns
Guns Blazing
Cobra Ramone · Cobra Ramone
Strange Desire
Gin Devo · Surface
Petals [feat. Officers]
Gary Numan · Dead Moon Falling