The Vampire's Ball Episode June 19, 2014

Broadcast on 19-Jun-2014

1:00am - 4:00am

Music from Stiff Valentine, Halo in Reverse, Angelspit, c0ndu1t, Chemlab, Phil Western, ttwwrrss, Lucid Living, h3llb3nt, Kraftwerk, Johan Ess, Kill City Kids, Bauhaus, Art of Noise, Japan, Daniel Ash, Unsane, NoMeansNo, Sex With Strangers, Walking Papers, Copyright, Newlydeads, Dead Voices, Sham 69, Joy Division, Alkaline Trio, Hanoi Rocks, The Best Revenge, Die Mannequin, Neurotic Outsiders, Husker Du, Ramones, Nick Curran & the Lowlifes, Stiv Bators, Prima Donna, Kill City Dragons, and Johnny Thunders.

Track Listing:

Suicide Execute
Stiff Valentine · Electronic Saviors vol II
Where Were you
Halo in Reverse · Halo in Reverse
Walking in the Woods
Angelspit · The Product
Eleven Eleven
c0ndu1t · Year of the Dead
Lo-Grade Fever
Chemlab · East Side Militia
Come and Play with Us
Phil Western · Longform
ttwwrrss · ttwwrrss
Rise & Shine
Lucid Living · Miracless
H3llb3nt · Hardcore Vanilla
Metal Abzug Metal [A Mash Mix]
Kraftwerk · Man-Nature-Technology
Thee Escape Mechanism
Johan Ess · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
Put the Kids to Bed
Kill City Kids · Put the Kids to Bed
God In An Alcove
Bauhaus · In The Flat Field
Beat Box [Diversion 10]
Art of Noise · Influence - Hits, Singles, Moments, Treasures...
Methods of Dance
Japan · Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Dream Machine
Daniel Ash · Foolish Thing Desire
Unsane · Unsane
NoMeansNo · NoMeansNo Tour EP No. 2
Call in the Night
Sex With Strangers · Behaviours
Independence Day
Walking Papers · Walking Papers
The Hidden World
Copyright · The Hidden World
Six Feet Deep
Newlydeads · Dreams from a Dirt Nap
New Zero
Dead Voices · Nightvisions vol. 1
Day Tripper
Sham 69 · BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
Sound of Music [Live]
Joy Division · The Complete BBC Recordings [Live]
Dethbed [Live]
Alkaline Trio · Remains
I Feel Alright
Hanoi Rocks · All Those Wasted Years - Live at the Marquee
Dead Scene
The Best Revenge · Lost Years
Bad Medicine
Die Mannequin · Fino + Bleed
Turn on the News
Husker Du · Zen Arcade
We Want the Airwaves
Ramones · Mania
Nick Curran & the Lowlifes · Reform School Girl
Not That Way Anymore
Stiv Bators · The Lord and the New Creatures
Living in Sin
Prima Donna · Living In Sin [single]
That Ain't No Lie
Kill City Dragons · Kill City Dragons
Dead or Alive
Johnny Thunders · So Alone