The Vampire's Ball Episode May 1, 2014

Broadcast on 01-May-2014

1:00am - 4:00am

Music from Combichrist, Junksista, Nachtmahr, Virtual Terrorist, W.A.S.T.E., Chamaeleon, DYM, Download, Tweaker, Stiff Valentine, Ummagma, Gary Numan, Kill City Kids, Malhavoc, Black Label Society, Legs, Fen, Hinterland, Louise Burns, We Found a Lovebird, Hilt, Newlydeads, The Lords of the New Church, Meat Puppets, The Best Revenge, Lacuna Coil, Danzig, Steve Vai, John 5, Shooting Gallery, Hanoi Rocks, L.A. Guns, Jetboy, Smack, Beautiful Creatures, Kill City Dragons, Stiv Bators, and The Scramblers.

Track Listing:

Skull Breaker
Combichrist · We Love You
Never Be Your Bitch
Junksista · Bad Case of Fabulouw
Nachtmahr · Veni Vidi Vici
Retro Terror Punk
Virtual Terrorist · Source Code
Mediaface [Synapscape Remix]
W.A.S.T.E. · Liquor, Drugs and Hate
The Point of No Return
Chamaeleon · SicK | perVerTed
Rapture [FRACTURED Remix]
DYM · The Technocratic Deception
Radio Silence
Download · Helicopter
Grounded [3KStatic Mix]
Tweaker · and then there's nothing
A Brave New World
Stiff Valentine · Empire of Illusion
Lama [Sounds of Sputnik Remix]
Ummagma · Lama
I Am Dust
Gary Numan · Splinter [Songs from a Broken Mind]
The Ballad
Kill City Kids · Put the Kids to Bed
Totally Fucked Up
Malhavoc · Get Down
Beyond the Down
Black Label Society · Catacombs of the Black Vatican
Legs · Dark Rituals
Pin Cushion
Fen · Congenital Fixation
Hinterland · Pan Pan Medico
Emeralds Shatter
Louise Burns · The Midnight Mass
biggest of chunks
we found a lovebird · let's start the war
Real Cool Rain
Hilt · Journey to the Centre of the Bowl
Newlydeads · Dreams from a Dirt Nap
Do What Thou Wilt
The Lords of the New Church · The Method to Our Madness
Forbidden Places
Meat Puppets · Forbidden Places
God's on the Run
The Best Revenge · Young Nihilists' Gun Club
Lacuna Coil · Broken Coil Halo
Until You Call on the Dark
Danzig · Danzig IV
The X-Equilibrium Dance
Steve Vai · Flex-Able Leftovers
Gods and Monsters
John 5 · Songs For Sanity
Little Bit of Magic
Shooting Gallery · Shooting Gallery
Sweet Home Suburbia
Hanoi Rocks · Oriental Beat
Dirty Luv
L.A. Guns · Hollywood Vampires
Jetboy · The Glam Years
Skin Alley
Smack · On You
Goin' Off
Beautiful Creatures · Beautiful Creatures
That Ain't No Lie
Kill City Dragons · Kill City Dragons
Ready Any Time
Stiv Bators · Disconnected