The Vampire's Ball Episode March 6, 2014

Broadcast on 06-Mar-2014

1:00am - 4:00am

In honour of this year's CiTR FunDrive, I talk about how CiTR supports the local music scene while solicitaing donations to the station.

Go to http://citr/ca to donate to CiTR

This week's show featured tunes from Stiff Valentine, Unit:187, Barron S, Fake Shark Real Zombie, Kill City Kids, Kill Matilda, Tyranahorse, Lownote, Stayte, We Need Surgery, Left Spine Down, Moev, Kooper Kain, Supersimian, Louise Burns, Pearce Donnelly, We Found a Lovebird, Sons of Daughters, Slug Comparison, Fen, The Reaktion, The Thick of It, Dead Voices, Legs, Crystal Pistol, and Copyright.

Track Listing:

This Must Be the Place
Stiff Valentine · Empire of Illusion
Sick Obsession [Stiff Valentine Remix]
Unti:187 · Transfusion
Barron S · Mixtape
Cherry Lava
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Meeting People Is Terrible
It's a Baby
Kill City Kids · It's a Baby [single]
Test Drive of Neurotica
Kill Matilda · I Want Revenge
Tyranahorse · garbage Bears
Man Overboard
Lownote · The World Won't Turn
If You Were Mine
Stayte · Cognitive Dissonance [The Art of Lying to Yourself]
Sisters and Brothers
We Need Surgery · We Need Surgery
Left Spine Down · Caution
Wanting [Remix]
Moev · Retro:Active 3 - Rare & Remixed
Flicker, Flicker & Out
Kooper Kain · Turning Cities to Salt
Supersimian · How the Tiger Got Lionized
Street Walking
Louise Burns · Mellow Drama
City by the Sea
Pearce Donnelly · City by the Sea [single]
Don't Blame The Times
We Found a Lovebird · Let's Start The War
Sons of Daughters · Demos
Bringer of Doom
Slug Comparison · Bringer of Doom [single]
Fossil Bed
Fen · Congenital Fixation
Circles and Shapes
The Reaktion · n/a
The Thick of It · First Day of Death
Fix Me Up
Dead Voices · Nightvisions vol. 1
LEGS · Dark Rituals
Crystal Pistol · Crystal Pistol
Rock Machine
Copyright · The Hidden World