The Vampire's Ball Episode January 16, 2014

Broadcast on 16-Jan-2014

1:00am - 4:00am

Music from Pyra Draculea, Artoh, Baseck, Download, Kraftwerk, Junksista, iVardensphere, Comaduster, Newlydeads, Drowning Susan, 16volt, Gary Numan, Bauhaus, Dave Gahan, Chemlab, Copyright, Malhavoc, Left Spine Down, Pailhead, Pig, William Control, The Suicide Twins, Andy McCoy, Plastic Heroes, New York Dolls, Stiff Valentine, Tiamat, Fen, Fake Shark Real Zombie, Beautiful Creatures, Raggedy Angry, Danko Jones, L.A. Guns, and Jetboy.

Track Listing:

Pyra Draculea · Floodplain
La meute
Artoh · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
Dodelijk Liefkozen
Baseck · Creatures
Download · LingAM
Electric Cafe [Carbo-Hydrate Mix]
Kraftwerk · Man-Nature-Technology
Bad Shag
Junksista · Bad Case of Fabulous
iVardensphere · The Methuselah Tree
Nightsail [feat. Cecil Frena]
Comaduster · Hollow Worlds
Newlydeads · Dreams from a Dirt Nap
Explode Your Life
Drowning Susan · Isolated
16volt · Beating Dead Horses
Love Hurt Bleed
Gary Numan · Splinter [Songs from a Broken Mind]
Dark Entries
Bauhaus · In The Flat Field
Deeper & Deeper
Dave Gahan · Houglass
Codeine, Glue and You
Chemlab · Burn Out At the Hydrogen Bar
Copyright · Love Story
Totally Fucked Up
Malhavoc · Get Down
Ignorance Is Piss
Left Spine Down · Fighting for Voltage
Man Should Surrender
Pailhead · Trait
Pig · Sinsation
William Control · Hate Culture
Coming Down Slow
The Suicide Twins · Silver Missiles and Nightingales
Heart of the Matter
Andy McCoy · Too Much Ain't Enough
Fame by Proxy
Plastic Heroes · Escape the Lower End
Punishing World
New York Dolls · One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This
A Brave New World
Stiff Valentine · Empire of Illusion
Angel Holograms
Tiamat · Judas Christ
Fossil Bed
Fen · Congenital Fixation
Six Sick Suck
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Meeting People Is Terrible
Straight to Hell
Beautiful Creatures · Deuce
Fire Engine Red
Raggedy Angry · How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords
Home to Hell
Danko Jones · We sweat Blood
17 Crash
L.A. Guns · Cocked & Loaded
Bad Disease
Jetboy · The Glam Years