The Vampire's Ball Episode January 9, 2014

Broadcast on 09-Jan-2014

1:00am - 4:00am

Music from Skold, Rob Zombie, Public Image Ltd., Stiff Valentine, Puscifer, Crystal Pistol, Hanoi Rocks, Danko Jones, Jetboy, New York Dolls, Faster Pussycat, Shooting Gallery, Beautiful Creatures, L.A. Guns, Danzig, Amorphis, The Thick of It, Faith No More, iVardensphere, c0ndu1t, Amduscia, Atari Teenage Riot, Junksista, Raggedy Angry, Newlydeads, KMFDM, Caustic, Cervello Elettronico, Faderhead, Genghis Tron, Download, Yura Yura, and Radutron.

Track Listing:

I Will Not Forget
SKOLD · Suck
Mars Needs Women [Griffin Boice Remix]
Rob Zombie · Mondo Sex Head
Lollipop Opera
Public Image Ltd. · This Is PiL
I Am the Liquor
Stiff Valentine · Empire of Illusion
Drunk With Power
Puscifer · V is for Vagina
Crystal Pistol · Crystal Pistol
Taxi Driver
Hanoi Rocks · Self Destruction Blues
Danko Jones · We Sweat Blood
Jetboy · The Glam Years
Gimme Luv & Turn On the Light
New York Dolls · One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This
Madam Ruby's Love Boutique
Faster Pussycat · Whipped!
Shooting Gallery · Shooting Gallery
Observing Bartok [Stamping Dance]
iVardensphere · The Methuselah Tree
I've Already Left
c0ndu1t · c0ndu1t
Bad Seed
Amduscia · Madness In Abyss
The Only Slight Glimmer of Hope
Atari Teenage Riot · Is This Hyperreal?
Department Store [Marsheaux Remix]
Junksista · Bad Case of Fabulous
The Funk
Raggedy Angry · Dead Beats
Cities In Dust
Newlydeads · Dreams from a Dirt Nap
Take It Like A Man
Must Have Pills [Tinhead mix]
She's Got Damage
Cervello Elettronico · Anima Meccanica
Coffee, Sex & Cigarettes
Faderhead · FH4
the whips blow back
Genghis Tron · Board Up the House
Download · LingAM
Yura Yura · Be Sexual
Nu Mecha
Stiff Valentine · Empire of Illusion
Kiss [Prince Cover]
Radutron · ... Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Do Covers