The Vampire's Ball Episode November 28, 2013

Broadcast on 28-Nov-2013

1:00am - 4:00am

Music from Charles Bordeaux, Coil, h3llb3nt, Depeche Mode, Death In June, Love & Rockets, the Legendary Pink Dots, Throbbing Gristle, This Morn' Omina, TRS-80, Virtual Terrorist, Ummagma, Velvet Acid Christ, :wumpscut:, Friday Mortimer & the Beautiful Monsters, Foetus, Copyright, Black Label Society, The Thick Of It, Gary Numan, Halo In Reverse, Moonspell, Stiff Valentine, iVardensphere, Freakangel, Chamaeleon, Front Line Assembly, Funker Vogt, KMFDM, and Junksista.

Track Listing:

First Grain [Original Mix]
Charles Bordeaux · Fables
Wrim Wram Wrom
Coil · Stolen and Contaminated Songs
h3llb3nt · Regurgitator
Depeche Mode · Ultra
The Maverick Chamber
Death In June · Peaceful Snow/The Maverick Chamber
Love & Rockets · Seventh Dream of a Teenage Heaven
six easy lessons
The Legendary Pink Dots · Code Noir
Urge to Kill [Rat Club, London 1977]
Throbbing Gristle · The Second Annual Report of Throbbing Gristle
Enuma Elish
This Morn' Omina · L'Unification des forces opposantes
Hyper Dynamic [Demixed by Fashion Flesh]
TRS-80 · Demixes
Brothers of Destruction [feat. Xero]
Virtual Terrorist · Cyber Punks Unite
Live and Let Die [Original Mix]
Ummagma · Rotation/Live and Let Die
Inhale Blood
Velvet Acid Christ · Dependence 2013
Madman Szpital [Dubbydub Remix by :wumpscut:]
:wumpscut: · Madman Szpital
Black Bubble Gum
Friday Mortimer & the Beautiful Monsters · Junk: Volume 2
Echo Park [Speed Remix by Thegn]
Friday Mortimer & the Beautiful Monsters · Junk: Volume 2
The Need Machine
Foetus · Flow
The Hidden World
Copyright · The Hidden World
No Other
Black Label Society · Hangover Music Vol. VI
The Thick Of It · First Day of Death
Who Are You
Gary Numan · Splinter [Songs from a Broken Mind]
King O [Crashtv Remix]
Halo In Reverse · King O
Hand Made God
Moonspell · Sin/Pecado
Dirty Boys
Stiff Valentine · Empire of Illusion
iVardensphere · The Methuselah Tree
The Book of Violence [Code 64 Remix]
Freakangel · The Book of Violence
The Point of No Return
Chamaeleon · SicK | perVerTed
Solitude of Confinement
Front Line Assembly · Corroded Disorder
Funker Vogt · Companion In Crime
Take It Like A Man
Junksista · Bad Case of Fabulous