The Vampire's Ball Episode September 26, 2013

Broadcast on 26-Sep-2013

1:00am - 4:00am

Music from AAIMON, Corvx de Timor, DYM, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Legion of Cain, maQLu, Psyche, Doubting Thomas, Download, Hilt, iVardensphere, Suicide Commando, Mentallo and the Fixer, XP8, Terrorkode, Caustic, SAM, Blue Stahli, IAMX, Ayria, Kill City Kids, KMFDM, X-Fusion, Left Spine Down, 16volt, Tactical Sekt, W.A.S.T.E., Faderhead, Aesthetische, Combichrist, and Stiff Valentine.

Track Listing:

current [Corvx de Timor Remix]
Aaimon · Flatliner remixes
Dead Really Is
Corvx de Timor · Blue Eyes Turn Black
Glass Catfish [Nitro/Noise remix]
DYM · The Technocratic Deception
Einstuerzende Neubauten · Kollaps
Legion of Cain · Slaves Shall Serve
maQLu · Malfeasance
Krieg Dub
Psyche · Re Membering Dwayne
Father Don't Cry
Doubting Thomas · The Infidel
Download · LingAM
White Stuff
Hilt · Orange Pony
Bonedance [Katastroslavia Remix]
iVardensphere · Cycle of the Sun: Remixes vol. 1
God Is In The Rain [First Black Pope Remix]
Suicide Commando · When Evil Speaks
Brief But Violent Illness
Mentallo and the Fixer · Music from the Eather
XP8 · Adrenochrome
Face to Face
Terrorkode · Frequency Overload
Pretty Flower [Rorschach Two]
Caustic · High Art for Low Expectations: Caustic & Justin Matthew Mooney
SAM · Synthetic Adrenaline Music
Blue Stahli · Blue Stahli
The Adrenaline Room
IAMX · The Unified Field
All That Glitters [Cervello Elettonico mix]
Ayria · Pretty Plastic Mess
Cloud That Went Grey
Kill City Kids · Fat Kids First
Help Us/Save Us/Take Us Away
KMFDM · Money
X-Fusion · What Remains Is Black
Last Daze [Burning Electro Mix by Combichrist]
Left Spine Down · Voltage 2.3: Remixed & Revisited
To Another World
16volt · Demography
Steps to Dysfunction
Tactical Sekt · Syncope
Omega 3 [Doomer Remix]
W.A.S.T.E. · Liquor, Drugs and Hate
Self Control
Faderhead · FH4
Transient States
Aesthetische · Nachtbrenner
Combichrist · Noise Collection vol. 1
Good Enough 42
Stiff Valentine · America Bleeding