The Vampire's Ball Episode August 7, 2013

Broadcast on 07-Aug-2013 part 1

11:00pm - 5:00am

Music from Front 242, Clock DVA, Severed Heads, Psychic TV, and Moev.

Track Listing:

Lovely Day
Front 242 · No Comment
No Shuffle
Front 242 · No Comment
Special Forces
Front 242 · No Comment
Front 242 · Interception
Tortured Heroine
Clock DVA · Advantage
Beautiful Losers
Clock DVA · Advantage
Clock DVA · Advantage
Eternity In Paris
Clock DVA · Advantage
Bad Mood Guy
Severed Heads · Bad Mood Guy
Dressed In Air
Severed Heads · Bad Mood Guy
Rabbi Nardoo Flagoon
Severed Heads · Bad Mood Guy
Heaven Is What Heaven Eats
Severed Heads · Bad Mood Guy
Mad Dad Strangles Stad
Severed Heads · Bad Mood Guy
Psychic TV · Mouth of the Night
The Immune Zone
Psychic TV · Mouth of the Night
Psychic TV · Mouth of the Night
Yeah Whatever
Moev · Yeah Whatever
Moev · Yeah Whatever
Moev · Yeah Whatever
moev · yeah whatever
Games [Aaimon Mix]
Ayria · Plastic Makes Perfect
Finding Peace In the Pain
Ben Arp · Luminous
Excessive Force · Gentle Death
Let It Come Down
Cabaret Voltaire · International Language
The Act
Clock DVA · Buried Dreams
Little Darkness [Essence of Mind Mix]
Diskonnekted · Hotel Existence
Eisbrecher · Die Holle muss warten
Front Line Assembly · Caustic Grip
Funker Vogt · Companion In Crime
Waves In Motion
Grendel · Timewave:Zero
Then I Found You
Ludovico Technique · Some Things Are Beyond Therapy
Behind the DJ Booth [Odio84 Remix]
Women Should Not Drink Alcohol · See You Next Tuesday
Butcher Knife
W.A.S.T.E. · Liquor, Drugs, and Hate
Revenge of the Croctopus [3D]
Faderhead · Empires of the Northern Lights v2.42
The Duke of Death
:wumpscut: · Madman Szpital
Sneaky Lies
X-Fusion · What Remains Is Black
Alte Muster
Xotox · Schwanengesang
Yura Yura · Be Sexual
Fuck Buttons · Slow Focus
Walk With the Noise
IAMX · The Unified Field
Chasing the Dragon [Unit:187 Remix]
iVardensphere · I Dream In Noise: Remixes vol. 2
Godlike [12" Version]
KMFDM · Extra: Volume 1
Penicillin for the Soul
Mentallo & the Fixer · Music From the Eather
Satta Remolen
Na-Hag · Fragments of Human
KetVector · The Infinite Regress
Breaksequence [Mangadrive Remix]
The .Invalid · The Aesthetics of Failure
Moving Body
Meat Beat Manifesto · Totally Together
Numb · Wasted Sky
Moev · One Minute World
Nothing To Fear
Left Spine Down · Caution
Technical Difficulties
Julien K · Death to Analog
The Big Come Down
Nine Inch Nails · The Fragile