The Vampire's Ball Episode March 14, 2013

Broadcast on 14-Mar-2013 part 1

1:00am - 5:00am

Music from Arvo Zylo, the Knobster, Alexander Bianco, Atrabilis Sunrise, Kristus Kut, Compactor, Oration of Ruin, Na-Hag, Corvx de Timor, Blood Axis, Coil, Dead Voices On Air, Diamanda Galas, and Four Pi Movement.

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Track Listing:

Upheaval Version 30
Arvo Zylo · Necktar 2017 vol. 5
The Knobster · Necktar 201 vol. 5
Alexander Bianco · Audio Assault: Part 1
Mundus Imaginalis
Atrabilis Sunrise · Audio Assault: Part 2
Intimate Pleasures of Violent Love
Kristus Kut · Audio Assault: Part 2
Compactor · Audio Assault: Part 2
Fucking the Cosmic Womb
Oration of Ruin · Audio Assault: Part 1
The Scales Fall From Eyes
Na-Hag · Fragments of Human
Chasing Game
Corvx de Timor · Blue Eyes Turn Black
Between Birds of Prey
Blood Axis · Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden
Her Friends the Wolves
Coil · Stolen and Contaminated Songs
Honour Boe
Dead Voices On Air · Fast Falls The Eventide
Cris D'Aveugle
Diamanda Galas · Saint of the Pit
No One Can Hear Me
Four Pi Movement · Murder In The Raw
Auf Wiedersehen Boy
Zeromancer · Bye Bye Borderline
Women and Satan First
:wumpscut: · Women and Satan First
Blood Sweat and Tears [Carphax Files Remix]
Angels On Acid · Blood Sweat and Tears
Current [Corvx de Timor Remix]
Face of God
Cynical Existence · Come Out and Play
Die Ungl├╝ckshaften
Dunklewerk · Operation: Duesterland
Rapture [FRACTURED Remix]
DYM · The Technocratic Deception
We Are The Lost [Gazelle Twin Remix]
Gary Numan · Dead Moon Falling
Candy Unicorns
Raggedy Angry · Dead Beats
Brothers of Destruction [feat. Xero]
Virtual Terrorist · Cyber Punks Unite
Shadow of My Former Self
Mentallo & the Fixer · Music From the Eather
Animal Out
KMFDM · Kunst
Collide With Me [Razorwire Halo Remix]
Caustic · 12 Remixes
Blut Royale [Instru-Mental Version]
Combichrist · Noise Collection Vol. 1
Hell Arrives
Blue Stahli · Antisleep Vol. 03
Calibrating the God Machine [Left Spine Down Remix]
iVardensphere · Remixes Vol. 1
Shadow Hides Sun
In Strict Confidence · Utopia
More German Than German
Hanzel und Gretyl · Born to Be Heiled
Lie to Me
maQLu · Tainted Candy: A tribute to 80s New Wave
Numb · Wasted Sky
And One · S.T.O.P.
tainted love
marilyn manson · lest we forget