The Vampire's Ball Episode September 22, 2012

Broadcast on 22-Sep-2012 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Music from Faderhead, Ad Inferna, Inure, KMFDM, Malhavoc, Meat Beat manifesto, Punish Yourself, Nachtmahr, Raggedy Angry, System Syn, Stiff Valentine, Unit:187, 16volt, Virtual Terrorist, Roel Funcken, Squarehead, Toxic Coma, Psy'Aviah, Kant Kino, Combichrist, Blue Stahil, Chemlab, Front Line Assembly, and Download.

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Track Listing:

Fistful of Fuck You
Faderhead · The World Of Faderhead
All Must Die
Ad Inferna · Omnium
Inure · The Offering
Come On - Go Off [Rotersand Mix]
KMFDM · Amnesia
Escape Route
Malhavoc · The Lazarus Complex
Meat Beat Manifesto · Totally Together
End of the Western World
Punish Yourself · Pink Panther Party
Tanzdiktator [Yade Remix]
Nachtmahr · Madchen in Uniform
Fire Engine Red
Raggedy Angry · How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords
System Syn · Premeditated
The Bleeding [Bleeding On America Mix by 16volt]
Stiff Valentine · America Inbreeding
Kurva [16volt Remix]
Unit:187 · Transfusion
16volt · LetDownCrush
Audio Jihad [DYM Remix]
Virtual Terrorist · Welcome to Cryodyne
Fiction Stub
Roel Funcken · Vade
The Generator
Squarehead · Voltage Controlled Body Music
Get Your Shit Wired
Toxic Coma · Satan Rising
Sweet Hard Revenge [Fallon Nierves Rendition]
Psy'Aviah · Electronic Saviors vol. II
LRSBSS [Kant Kino Klubbmix]
Kant Kino · LRSBSS
Dawn of Man
Combichrist · What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People
Blue Stahil · Blue Stahil
Blunt Force Trauma
Chemlab · Suture
Surface Patterns
Front Line Assembly · Millenium
Bell 47
Download · Helicopter
Faith Collapsing
Ministry · The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
Marching Into Valhalla
Terrorfakt · Electronic Saviors vol. II
Schlusspoetik [Misery Remix]
Schwarzblut · Maschinenwesen
Ich Will
Rammstein · Mutter
Born Into Oblivion · Gears Gone Wild
Sensual Eventual
H3llb3nt · Regurgitator
Aphex Twin · Selected Ambient Works vol. 2
Abstieg und Zerfall
Einstuerzende Neubauten · Kollaps
Locusts Drummed the Darkening Air
Dead Voices On Air · From Afar Stars Spark and Glee
Downed Cow
Benestrophe · Sensory Deprivation
Mute Frees Voices
Hellenkeller · Demonstration
Altered State
Edward Ka-Spel · The Minus Touch
Exit [Killjoy Mix]
Mainesthai · Nostalgia Deluxe 1
Global Virus
Sefiros · Stop Becoming
Stray Cat Blues [Scare Eyed]
Nitzer Ebb · In Order
Policy of Hypocrisy [Philthy Download Mix]
Left Spine Down · Voltage 2.3
The Mark Has Been Made
Nine Inch Nails · The Fragile
Banana in My Brain/Tokyo Decadence Mix
bananaSLOTH · Zombie Battle 2019!
I Feel Fine
Slick Idiot · DickNity
I'm Not Gay [DJ Hardware Dirty Texan Remix]
Revolting Cocks · Sex-O Olympic-O