The Vampire's Ball Episode August 25, 2012

Broadcast on 25-Aug-2012 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Music from Aesthetic Perfection, Armageddon Dildos, Assemblage 23, Cryogen Second, The Birthday Massacre, I:Scintilla, Mari Chrome, Mona Mur & En Esch, Nachtmahr, Numb, Otto von Schirach, The Rabid Whole, Left Spine Down, Raggedy Angry, Essence of Mind, ESA, Funker Vogt, Front Line Assembly, Foetus, Fake Shark Real Zombie, Diskonnekted, Kill City Kids, Pigface, and Malhavoc.

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Track Listing:

The Devil's In the Details [Stihlmann Remix]
Aesthetic Perfection · Electronic Saviors vol. II
House of Pain [Freakangel Remix]
Armageddon Dildos · Endzeit Bunker Tracks Act V
The Noise Inside My Head [Grendel Remix]
Assemblage 23 · Bruise
Thirty Eight
Cryogen Second · Electronic Saviors vol. II
Pins and Needles [Skold Remix]
The Birthday Massacre · Imaginary Monsters
Swimmers Can Drown [Kant Kino Remix]
I:Scintilla · Swimmers Remixed
Here I Am [Beati Mortui Mix]
Mari Chrome · Georgy#11811
My Life
Mona Mur & En Esch · Do With Me What You Want
Deus ex machina
Nachtmahr · Feuer Frei
Numb · Wasted Sky
March of the Dead Instrumental
Otto Von Schirach · Magic Triangle
Zombies Bonus Beats
Otto von Schirach · Magic Triangle
The Rabid Whole · Refuge
Left Spine Down · Caution
Take Me Home
Raggedy Angry · How I Learned to Love Our Robot Overlords
No Denial [Essence of Noise Remix by Neurobash]
Essence of Mind · Indifference
The Relevant Flesh
ESA · Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1 - Lust
Hard Way [Ta Box Mix]
Funker Vogt · Hard Way
Dark Dreams
Front Line Assembly · Corroded Disorder
The Need Machine
Foetus · Flow
Running For the Razors
Fake Shark Real Zombie · Meeting People Is Terrible
Little Darkness [Essence of Mind Mix]
Diskonnekted · Hotel Existence
Sword Swallowing Machine
Kill City Kids · Fat Kids First
The Good, The Bad, The Druggly
Pigface · 6
Malhavoc · The Lazarus Complex
Rabbit Hole
Mangadrive · Artifice
Floor Whore Disko [Surgyn Mix]
Caustic · Justin Bieber's Never Say Never
Decomposed [Trampled]
Mentallo & the Fixer · Until the Blood Flows Freely
Toxic Coma · Satan Rising
Amnesia [Kapt'n K. Remix]
KMFDM · Amnesia
Death to Analog [Mike Shinoda Remix]
Julien-K · Death to Analog
Come and See
Decree · Electronic Saviors vol. II
Banishing Ritual
Four Pi Movement · Murder In The RAW
Scornucopia [London Sin-Phony Orgasmuz Mix]
Chemlab · Rock Floor vs. Dance Whore
Decoded Feedback · Electronic Saviors vol. II
Dead Again
Combichrist · What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People
Brain Basher [Convicted Hex Offender Mix by Psykkle]
Hex Rx · Serial Hex Addict
Ministry · Psalm 69
Enter the Fourth Dimension
The Reaction
SPK · Leichenschrei
Enemy List
SAM · Synthetic Adrenaline Music
Portion Control · Violently Alive
Living to Die [Necrotek Remix]
Unit:187 · Transfusion
Audio Jihad [First Strike Edit]
Virtual Terrorist · Welcome to Cryodyne
Scab Collector [Catastrophe Noise Remix]
W.A.S.T.E. · Liquor, Drugs and Hate
Motorskill [Quad - Hate Dept. Remix]
16volt · Wisdom
Metal [Remix]
Marilyn Manson · Lunchbox