The Vampire's Ball Episode June 16, 2012

Broadcast on 16-Jun-2012 Part 1

12:00am - 4:00am

Music from :wumpscut:, VNV Nation, iVardensphere, System Syn, The Rabid Whole, Men Without Hats, And One, Diskonnekted, c0ndu1t, 16volt, Drowning Susan, ESA, Lords of Acid, KMFDM, Kant Kino, Faderhead, and Caustic.

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Track Listing:

:wumpscut: · Women and Satan First
Ghost [Renegade Remix by Daniel Myer]
VNV Nation · Crossing the Divide
iVardensphere · Bloodwater
Virus [Outbreak]
iVardensphere · Presents Cry For Death Vol. 1
iVardensphere · Scatterface
Chasing the Dragon [releveleR]
iVardensphere · APOK
iVardensphere · APOK
System Syn · Premeditated
The Rabid Whole · Refuge
Devil Come Round
Men Without Hats · Love In The Age Of War
Shouts of Joy
And One · S.T.O.P
Little Darkness [Essence of Mind Mix]
Diskonnekted · Hotel Existence
The Pressure
c0ndu1t · Year of the Dead
Filthy Love of Fire [Unreleased David Ogilvie Remix]
16volt · Wisdom
Filth [Maqlu Edit]
Drowning Susan · The Long Count
This Is Not Love
ESA · Themes of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 1 Lust
Medicine Man
Lords of Acid · Deep Chills
Split [Mirrorball Mix]
KMFDM · Extra Volume 1
LRSBSS [Kant Kino Klubbmix]
Kant Kino · LRSBSS
Sick City
Faderhead · The World Of Faderhead
Kill AFI [They Started It]
Caustic · I Can't Believe We're Re-Releasing This Crap
Night Terror
C/A/T · Diamond Center
Alabaster (Creep Mix)
maQLu · Alabaster (Creep Mix) [single]
Autoclav1.1 · Embark On Departure
Force Quit [Lickthevelvetpouch]
Chemlab · Rock Floor vs. Dance Whore
Strangelove [Blind Mix]
Depeche Mode · Strangelove
Toxic [Blue Sky Alive Remix]
Mari Chrome · Georgy#11811
Nine Inch Nails · March of the Pigs
Violent Order [Ammuck Mix]
Orange Sector · The War Comes Home
In Dark Places
Portion COntrol · Pure Form
Schlusspoetik [Misery Remix]
Schwarzblut · Maschinenwesen
Failure of All Mankind
William Control · Silentium Amoris
Deeper Water
Public Image Ltd · This Is PiL
My Advice [Selfish Boy ReKonStrct]
Retrogramme · For Our Dearly Departed
The Criminal Within
Nerve Factor · The Criminal Within
Grim Reality [Blister Mix]
Mentallo & the Fixer · Until the Blood Flows Freely
Numb · Wasted Sky
Nitzer Ebb · Industrial Complex
Eat Me
Malhavoc · The Lazarus Complex
Combichrist · What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People
Father of None
M13 · Fixed Up